How we help



Eligibility requires the applicant to be in active treatment or living with metastatic breast cancer.  PSI defines active treatment as chemotherapy or radiation.  Applicants receiving only long term hormone therapy treatment (Tamoxifen, Arimidex, etc.) are not eligible.


We offer:

Utility Bill Assistance

Electric, phone, cable.

Spa Gift Certificate

Rejuvenation after treatments.


Wig Purchases

Due to hair loss after chemotherapy.


Gas Gift Card 

To cover treatment/ doctor related transportation expenses.

Grocery Store Gift Card 

To assist with groceries during treatment.

*Special Sponsorships*

*Only available to Long Island, Queens & Brooklyn patients.


Senior Prom – To assist treating moms with the responsibility of "Prom Season" we sponsor high school seniors for their prom.  This sponsorship includes attire, shoes and some accessories.


Thanksgiving Food Baskets – Purchasing and delivering everything needed to make their complete Thanksgiving meal.


Christmas Wish List Gifts – Delivering gifts to children whose mother is battling or had battled breast cancer.*